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Why use Pawal Consultants?
We are a proudly 100% wholly owned & operated Australian company that has built a reputation for excellence in our chosen field. Our prices are competitive and are in line with the industry standard & we have over 20 years experience in the field.

Who uses Pawal Consultants?
Our clients come from a vast cross section of the community, from Commercial & Residential Strata Managers to Real Estate Agents, Clubs, Hotels and even other Fire Protection organizations. We service the greater Sydney region and surrounding areas.

What is an Annual Fire Safety Statement?
An Annual Fire Safety Statement is a requirement of your local council and simply states that "each Essential Fire Safety Measure installed in the building has been assessed by a properly qualified person and was found to be capable of performing to the standard required at the time of inspection". Submission of the statement to the Council on time is the responsibility of the building owner or manager; in some instances your local council will send correspondence reminding you of this responsibility. Non-compliance can result in penalties. A copy of the A.F.S.S. should be sent to your local council, the Fire Brigade and a copy should be prominently displayed in the property.
The current Annual Fire Safety Statement is valid for a period of 12 months.

I have been served with a notice by my local council to comply with the Fire & Safety Regulations, what should I do?
Simply call Pawal Consultants and we will have an experienced representative contact you to discuss your needs and to arrange a suitable time to carry out any inspections. We will provide a comprehensive report (usually within 24 hours of completion of the inspection) and quotation for any rectifications found to comply with the regulations.

Can Pawal Consultants manage the Annual Fire Safety Statement for my small commercial building?
Yes we can, simply provide us with a copy of your most recent A.F.S.S along with contact details of your incumbent fire protection service provider/s and leave the rest to us.