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Our Services

At Pawal Consultants, we are able to provide Inspection & Rectification solutions to meet your needs, including but not limited to the following.
  • Fire, Smoke and Solid Core Doors
  • Paths of Travel (Egress) Inspections & advice (A requirement of every Annual Fire Safety Statement)
  • Sliding Fire Doors
  • Access Panels
  • Fire Seals (Penetrations)
  • Lightweight Construction
All inspections will be followed up with a comprehensive Inspection & Maintenance schedule and report, in most cases within 24hours of the completion of our inspections and will include a competitive quotation if appropriate.

All works carried out by Pawal Consultants or its representatives are guaranteed to conform to the current BCA or Australian Standards.
In addition to the above services, we are able to offer management towards the compilation of the Annual Fire Safety Statement of smaller commercial buildings.